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Reaching out to help others

Shelter, Food, Referrals, Training!

Welcome to the site of Higher Calling Network Association (H. C. N. A.) which was founded in 2008.

H. C. N. A. has made a great impact on the lives of those that have come through its' doorways.  It is the desire of this non-religious, faith-based, non profit organization to make a dynamic change in the world by assisting those that are less fortunate, victimized, or recovering.

It is also the aspiration of H. C. N. A. to continue providing food, shelter and services; to intervene where the homeless, victimized, and substance addiction exist. H. C. N. A. has devoted a wealth of resources to meet the essential needs of people while motivating individuals to re-establish their lives, one life at a time. 

With this website we hope to extend our services into cyberspace so that we can share important information about our partners, gathers resources and share them with those that seek our assistance, and to solicite various forms of donations to assist us in making a difference in the lives of others. 


On this site we will post all kinds of useful information for those in need. 

For example, we will explain what can cause SSI delays, and why intervention is necessary. Please click on this link SSI . Most importantly, we will show clients what they can do to help themselves, and how to locate help through other organizations; i.e United Way 211.

Our committed team of seasoned professionals is devoted to serving the people who come to us.  Our hearts and our doors are open to anyone who wants to benefit from our services. 

We know that the grandeur of GOD will constantly lead us in the right direction, and supply us with the required resources to continue our operation of encouraging individuals to rebuild their lives. 

Again, thank you for taking the time out to visit with us and you are welcome to browse through the various pages and links that are contained within this site.










Higher Calling Network Association

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