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About Us

This association was founded in 2008 by visionary leader, Roberta Jones.  Higher Calling Network Association (H. C. N. A.) is an organization that offers neutral humanitarian care to victims of diverse circumstances. It distinguishes itself by networking with other agencies with the same passion to help those in need.  Over the last two years, H. C. N. A. has developed and expanded its services with the goal of alleviateing and circumventing distress.

Today, H. C. N. A. offers services in the following areas: community services that help the needy; support and comfort for military members and their families; educational programs that promote life skills, health and safety. H. C. N. A. also aids in international relief and development programs.

H. C. N. A. is an organization where individuals and other agencies unite to help people that have emergency needs, regardless of location. Our clients may be located in our immediate community, across the country, or on the other side of the world in another country.

Every year, more and more victims seek refuge from various agencies, family members, friends, and neighbors.  With today’s economy, we all have to be a support system to one anothers.  We must gain skills that will equip us to respond to emergencies in the homes of others, our communities and the world. 

We must go back to the old ways and learn to survive off of the land and restore the neighborly love and concern. We must restore hope and dignity to the world's most vulnerable people; ourselves.

Approximately 90 cents of every dollar spent by H. C. N. A. is invested in humanitarian services and programs. H. C. N. A. is not a governmental agency; therefore, it depends on donations of service, time, and money to accomplish its goals.

The headquarters of Higher Calling Network Association is located in Detroit, Michigan. 

Governing and Guiding Documents

  • Bylaws of Higher Calling Network Association
  • Mission of  Higher Calling Network Association



  • History of Higher Calling Network Association



Higher Calling Network Association Board of Directors and Staff. To read their full biography, please click on their name: (TBA)

  • Roberta Jones
  • Tonya Herron
  • Sheryl Hart-Pryor
  • Anita Brinkley

Higher Calling Network Association

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