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Donation List

Higher Calling Network Association assist those who are challenged and struggling in life, but have an earnest desire to better themselves, their circumstances, and their environment. This organization is designed to provide assistance in the following areas:  Transition Housing, clothing, food, transportation, life skills, employment, and basic computer skills; in addition, this association offers referrals for medical, optical, dental, and other services. 

HCNA support people in becoming productive citizens in the community, and viable resources that will enrich their families and society.  HCNA encourage each person to participate in activities that will build habits to improve their spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual, and emotional growth and development. 

Currently, we are rehabbing a couple of homes to provide shelter for women, especially those of Domestic Violence, and we are in need of donations that will help us to make this a successful project.  

  Please review the needs list that is below, and if you can, please support our efforts, and remember, you donations are tax deductible. 

Please call (800) 631-4930to                               to arrange for pickup or delivery or donations by check can be mailed to:

 Higher Calling Network Association (H. C. N. A.)

P. O. Box 31001
Highland Park, MI 48203, USA

              Thank you in advance for your consideration and your cooperation


Items needed

House Furnishings, Appliances, and More

Stove                                      Refrigerator                                  Washer Machine

Deep Freezer                           Toaster                                       Dryer

Can Opener                             Mixer                                          Rolling Pins

Blender                                   Juicer                                          Carpet Cleaner

Toaster Oven                           Carbon Detector                           Security Monitors

Silverware                                Pots & Pans                               Smoke Detectors

Glasses, Cups                         Plates, Bowls, Saucers                Dish Rags

Bake Ware                              Deep Fryer                                  Oven Mitts      

Dish Towels                            Cutting Board                               Upholstery Cleaner 


Clean Up Tools

Flat Shovels                             Eye protective glasses                  Snow Shovels              

Picks                                      Hammers                                     Garbage Bags

Slug Hammers                         Wheel Barrels                               Floor Waxier

Generators                              Chisel                                           Carpet Cleaner

Drills                                       Dust Pan                                      Floor Sander

Brooms                                   Floor Mop                                     Rubber Gloves

Water Hoses                           Dust Mop                                      Vacuum

Saws                                      Carpet Cutter                                 Paint Brush

Paint Rollers                            Paint Pans                                    Work Gloves

Masking Tape                          Ladders                                         Dry Wall

Nails                                       Screws                                          Screwdrivers

Plaster                                    Caulking                                        Caulk Guns     

Door Knobs                             Outlet Covers                                  Light Switch Covers

Washing Powder                      Bleach                                           Ammonia

Scouring pads                          Oven Cleaner                                 Ajax

Pines Sol                                 Disinfect                                        Paint Drop Cloths 


Most of all heavy equipment is needed

Bull Dozers                            Back Hoes

Bobcats                                Dump Trucks

Drills                                     Flat Beds


Gardening Tools

Shovels                                  Ploughs                                      Top Soil

Hoes                                      Irrigation trenches                        Grass Seeds    

Vegetable Seeds                     Rakes                                         Fruit Seeds

Water hose                             Sprinkler systems                        Plants

Wheel Barrel                           Edger                                          Herb Seeds

Pruning Shears                       Hand Tools                                   Wire Fencing 

Gloves                                    Pick                                             Pole Digger

Fencing Poles                         Privacy Fencing


Educational Centers

Buildings                                     Arts

Tutoring                                      Books

Academics                                 Training

Projectors                                   Desk Top Computers

Computer Software                      Printers

File Cabinets                              Copier Machine

Fax Machine                              Security Monitors

Black/White Board                      Television

DVDRecorder/Player                   Cassette Recorder/Player

Laptop Computer


Personal Development Centers

Buildings                                       Social Networking Classes

Skill Trainers                                 Developmental Psychology

Counselling                                   Projectors                   

Computers                                    Black/White Board

Computer Software                        Televisions

File Cabinets                                 Copier Machines

Fax Machine                                 Security Monitoring Equipment

Projectors                                     Cassette Recorder/Player

Printers                                         DVD Recorder/Player 


Local Community Recreational Centers

Buildings                                      Tables

Books                                          Chairs

Games                                         Meeting Rooms

Exercise Classes                          Sporting Equipment


Second Chance Centers

Buildings                                      Instructors                                        Scanner

Computers                                   Tables                                              Digital Camera

Books                                          Chairs                                              Camcorder

Projectors                                     Computers                                       HD Tapes

Computer Software                        Printers                                            SD Memory Cards

File Cabinets                                Copier Machines                                Flash Drives

Fax Machine                                Security Monitoring Equipment            Mentors

Black/White Board                       Televisions                                         Volunteers

DVD Recorder/Player                   Cassette Recorder/Player                    Counselors



Automobiles                                8 – 15 passenger Vans                   Step Vans

Pick Up Trucks                           Bus                                                Work Vans 



Yard Furniture and Equipment

Swing Set with Slide                   Lawn Chairs                                          

Swinging Havoc                          Umberella Table                             

Portable Swimming Pool             Sleeping Bags

Tents                                         Smoker


Higher Calling Network Association

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