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Making a Difference in the Lives of Others...


This page is dedicated to the voices of those that have been helped through Structured Housing and Placement Enterprise (S. H. A. P. E.) and Higher Calling Network Association (H. C. N. A.).  View their testimonies below: 

Unjaineya Gray-Woods October 2014

Structured Housing and Placement Enterprise (SHAPE) a subsidiary of Higher Calling Network Association (HCNA) has helped me for the past 3 plus years. Before I entered into a peaceful home, I was headed for towards the wrong direction and walking into the wrong path which was causing confusion for my future. First time meeting Ms. Jones, I was at a very low point in my life. I was going through issues with my family and I was trying to focusing on finishing high school. Now, I’m 19 years old, in college, and I am working on my Associates degree; still living with Ms. Jones. I am doing things I never thought I would be doing. They say God brings people into your life for a reason well, I guess this is true. Every since I met Ms. Jones, I have seen nothing but happiness and honesty from a woman with a big heart and a humble soul. I support her association because it has motivated me to go harder and achieve more. I still don’t know what I would have done without her or her motivation.

I would like to thank Ms. Jones and Higher Calling Network Association not just for helping me, but giving back to the community, and helping out with youth all around the city Detroit. We need more leaders like her around. I changed my ways over the past 3 years. I can honestly/finally say, I’m happy and becoming a lady more and more each and every day being around her and learning how to treat others and give back to the community. Just knowing that I’m doing what I never thought I would be doing is a blessing and words still can’t describe how much this woman means to me, even though we bumped heads sometimes. She made sure my behind stayed on track, and in school. It’s so much more I could say; going on about Ms Jones and the organization, but I’m just going to say, thank you to Ms. Jones and Higher Calling Network Association for the love and support.

Danielle Davis, October 2014

As a youth growing up, I never really had a mother figure, and meeting Mrs. Jones at the age of 16 going on 17, has really been a blessing to me. I knew from the first time I met her, I would be able to depend on her and she would never let me down. She has taught me so much these past years. This remarkable woman has been that mother figure that I needed and she accepted me into her home as her own. Even though she isn’t blood related/family, it sure does feel like it. My life has changed drastically over the years, all thanks to the very helpful, considerate, informative, and patient Mrs. Jones. I thank God every day for blessing me to meet such an inspiring, spiritual and God fearing woman like First Lady Jones. She is truly receiving her blessings from the man above. I really enjoy being in the home of Mrs. Jones. It is very quiet and tranquil; perfect for people who like their own space as myself. Eventually I wanted my own place and I thought I would find something better, but I soon returned, and was blessed that there was space for me. I just want to thank First Lady Jones for opening her doors back up to me again! Lol they say; ‘There’s No Place like Home’, especially where there is genuine love, care and concern about your wellbeing.

Arizona Adams March 2013

Before I started the program a Structured Housing and Placement Enterprise, my options were running low. After bouncing around from home to home, couch to couch, and friend to friend, I was told about this program. A friend of mine was already in the program, and she knew my situation, so she referred me to Ms. Jones. With my situation, I needed a place to stay the same night. I had become homeless. All it took was a conversation, some information, and I was allowed to join the program.

The help you can receive through this program is far more than the help you could receive anywhere else. The love and support you receive is more than anyone can truly ask for or expect. This program provides a very safe environment for people through the ages of 16 – 21. There is a lot of support in this household. If and when you need to talk, there are people to listen. Not only listen, but they offer great advice.

The ladies are very welcoming and well mannered. In this household, no matter how we get along with each other, we all stick together like siblings. There are a lot of opportunities and resources offered in this program. One thing they have that’s hard to find elsewhere is real love, support, and a healthy home cooked meal.


Higher Calling Network Association (HCNA) has really been a blessing for me and my daughter.  Before I entered into the program, I was in an abusive relationship with my boyfriend. 

When I decided to make a change for the betterment of my situation, it was very difficult for me to get into a shelter, even with a 6 week old newborn. Every shelter I called told me they were booked.  It became very hard for me to take care of myself and daughter.

Eventually, I found somewhere for my daughter and I to lay at night, but I wasn’t happy with these living arrangements. Even with a roof over our heads, it wasn’t where I wanted to be. Finally, I receive a call from First Lady Jones saying, I was more than welcome to come to SHAPE, which is a housing program within HCNA.  I grew up knowing that I could always depend on First Lady Jones.

She has taught me so much, and she has made me to understand what the meaning of family really means!  Even though she wasn’t blood-family, it sure did feel as though she was; with her, my life changed dramatically!

First Lady Jones had known me since I was born, and had been a blessing to me, as well as my family for many years, and she still remains a loving, and caring lady.  She is the definition of a FIRST LADY.

Brianna Spivey November 2011



I was in a very desperate situation where I had no where to go. I found myself homeless after the death of my mother. I called Ms. Shelia Hines for employment, and told her of my plight. She told me about SHAPE and 1st Lady Jones. Ms. Hines informed 1st Lady Jones of my circumstances, and they opened the doors to their home to me. I have found the resident and staff to be very warm, caring and friendly. I thank God for this program. It has literally saved my life.

Karen Sharpe July 2010



Going through a very challenging and difficult time in my life, I was very blessed to locate and enroll in this God fearing housing program.  I have been a part of this family since December 2009, and I have found this program and its staff to be very helpful, considerate, informative and patient with me and the other residence in the home.  Thank you.

Micheal Davis 



I am relatively new to this program, but I have found it to be very inspiring and spiritual.  The staff has been very helpful in regards to me adjusting and re-entering into society. This place has truly been a Safe Haven.

Darrel Williams



I thank God for allowing me to be a part of this program.  The house is perfect and the staff is cool.  It is a great place for getting yourself together and re-establishing yourself in society.

Derrick Angel, April 2010



I really enjoy the home and the staff.  It is very quiet and tranquil; perfect for meditating on life and your future.  I am an elderly gentleman, and I like my space.  I have been to other facilities.  I even left this one with the idea I would find something better, but I returned within a matter of days.  I was blessed that my bed had not been taken.  I wish to thank the owner of this home and the Operation Manager for all of their assistance.   There's no place like Home where there is genuine care and concern about your well being.  

Arthur Holmes, April 2010



From Homeless to Hopeful: After numerous short term and long term prison sentences, in additions to various transitional houses, I was homeless again. No matter how many time I told myself that I was not going to do the things any longer that got me to this point...I continued to do the saFather and Daughterme things.

My addiction to drugs and crime took me to a  lower state of consciousness.

Today, I have a new compassion and concern for anyone I meet in my daily journeys that is homeless. Your daily struggles never end.

 The cold, living in abandon homes, sleeping anywhere you can lay your head, and hearing your stomach growl so loud that you think it’s an animal in the dark, and the fear that your situation is never going to change, consistently blaming yourself, putting yourself down, and feeling like a failure makes you do one of two things....give up or believe in yourself and the faith that God will take care of you. I choose the later.

Since I began my journey with Higher Calling Network Association (H.C.N.A.) and Structured Housing and Placement Enterprise (S.H.A.P.E.) Transitional Housing program, I have discovered a new DeMone...a new creature in Christ Jesus, if you will. I can honestly say that I no longer drink or use drugs. I now have over five (5) years sober, and I currently worked through the ranks of HCNA.  On January 1st of this year, I became the Director of Operation for the men’s transitional housing program.

The Living Word Says in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." ......Thanks to Bishop G. L. Jones and First Lady Roberta Jones, I have learned the value of hard work and integrity.

I now have a new life, a restored relationship with my beautiful nine (9) year old daughter, and a bright future. I am also in the process of opening a facility called Mental Assistance for Structured Solutions (M.A.S.S.)

With God...All things have become possible.........

K. De'Mone Bishop 2009






Higher Calling Network Association

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