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The World Fund

Stop World Hunger by 2010

logoThe World Fund Foundation is a subsidiary of LIVE REVOLUTION ENTERPRISE (LRE) that works in conjunction with HIGHER CALLING NETWORK ASSOCIATION (HCNA) a 501 (C) (3) Non Profit Organization, whose purpose is to identify the leading health, and human care issues, and housing for those that are homeless; in addition, HCNA identifies the various groups affected by these changing issues. It address these concerns, providing individuals and institutions with access to services, and resource by making those in need aware of local services that address the community's needs, and the World Fund Foundation is willing to offer assistance, and relief to disaster areas globally.

The time is now to help people that are in desperate need. Together The World Fund Foundation and Higher Calling Network Association have devised an organized plan to rebuild communities on a global scale. Read more......



Higher Calling Network Association

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